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SPECTRA BROADLOOM CARPETS If you're looking for the superior quality striped SPECTRA CARPETS, office carpets, and much more, you've come to the right place. SPECTRA is the one of the first companies allowing customers to browse our quality carpet selection online.

Purchase an excellent range of SPECTRA CARPETS form our online store at the comfort of your own home at any remote islands in the Maldives. We have displayed a variety of carpets for sale in various sections of our online storeand in our flagship store in the capital city Male’.

SPECTRA BROADLOOM CARPETS, are all about choice. As the nation's leading supplier and distributor of superior quality carpet flooring, we offer highly reputable brands with nearly limitless possibilities. Our commercial brands—Mohawk, Anker, Karastan, Lees and Bigelow—create the perfect trio of flooring choices by offering product solutions for all markets and all price points. Whichever you choose, you can count on industry-leading style, top performance, superior sustainability, winning value and SPECTRA unmatched service.

We always start by assuming that "your space is unique; that you know the impact you want to have on clients, patients, customers, students, guests or employees and we can help you achieve it".

SPECTRA have the resources and experience to meet your deadline and your bottom line, plus unlimited options to exceed your expectations. SPECTRA CARPET FLOORING, can be a powerful design tool. And we could be a powerful partner.

We are really proud to mention that, in the Maldives each and every government organization or private office beneath your foot, SPECTRA CARPET FLOORING exist. Not only in the capital city Male’ but also in each and every island in the nation.

SPECTRA BROADLOOM CARPETS offers an entire new concept in commercial and residential furnishings to the discriminating designer and will continue to explore the world market for new innovative ideas, qualities, designs and effects.

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