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Laminate is the choice for the modern family that wants flooring with the look of hardwood and the ability to withstand the strain of everyday life. SPECTRA Laminate floorings are quality products that benefit from the latest technological innovations. The strong structure give high resistance to shocks and impacts and a noise-absorbent backing give improved acoustic performance. Our outstanding design offer includes true-to-life appearance, from classic oak to species with more unusual character.

We do have keen knowledge selecting the best manufacture for every product we carry as such our laminate flooring is produced in the France and the manufacture is Tarkett flooring.

The magic combination of an extraordinary embossing, Light catcher, and unique oak colours

Playing with an embossed in register engraving enhanced by a matt & shiny 3D effect, our product reveals the beauty of wood, beyond nature. Light catcher is a unique new embossing subliming natural oak design. Nature is revealed to its utmost beauty! And to bring trend and style in…

At the same time, enjoy the soft cuddle of nature in your home with the smooth wooden decors in natural shades. With a long-lasting high quality finish, this tough reliable floor is ideal for the busiest parts of your home.

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