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Add Personality with a Feature Wall

In the last few years, wallpaper has regained much popularity in the Maldives specially in hospitality industry. If you are planning to redecorate, whether it is a living room, dining room or bedroom, it may be time for a change from your current paintwork. More and more people are choosing to brighten up their rooms with eye-catching Spectra wallcoverings', either on all walls of a room or as a single feature wall as is increasingly common.

Spectra wallpaper sales have increased over the past decade in the Maldives, designers across the nation have been constantly active creating new innovative designs. The popularity of wallpaper has allowed these designers endless freedom to experiment with colours, materials and textures. Most recently, there has been a strong trend for glitter wallpaper and 3D wallpaper designs.

A feature wall is a fabulous way to add some personality into your living space. It allows you to have maintain the light in a room whilst also applying a touch of colour and texture. A feature wall can be a subtle addition to the room, complementing the design theme or bold statement that creates a focal point.

Both approaches can be achieved through a variety of techniques. A different colour paint can be applied to the intended feature wall area or you can use Feature wall Wallpaper. There is large variety of paint colours to suit any taste, style and mood. You can even create your own colour!

Wallpaper offers more scope to really create an interesting, luxurious feature wall as there are wallcoverings that offer:

- Texture e.g. Animal Print Wallpaper  
- Shimmer e.g. A Metallic Wallpaper 
- Sparkle e.g. A Glitter Wallpaper 

Choosing a designer wallpaper can be a tricky decision as there vast collections of wallcoverings and wallpaper brands on the Spectra collection. To help you choose the wallpaper that is right for your living space and style our websites and Facebook page allow you browse by brand, by style or by colour. This helps you quickly narrow down the option to quickly find your dream Spectra wallcovering.

Spectra wallcoverings are suitable for any room anywhere!

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