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Enjoy your little balcony, garden or terrace every single day of the year with SPECTRA GRASS CARPET. This durable, unique SPECTRA GRASS CARPET requires very little maintenance, and it is a stylish solution for any garden. You would be amazed at how affordable installing SPECTRA GRASS CARPET is.

It is time for you to enhance your rooftop with SPECTRA GRASS CARPET for the kids, or why not for KAAFA & MAAMA (Grand Mother and Grand father's) garden!!! 

SPECTRA GRASS CARPET provides a longer lasting and less expensive alternative to wood decking or traditional tile flooring. Meanwhile, custom design and easy installation make SPECTRA GRASS CARPET the perfect surface for residential and commercial rooftops, patios, terraces and more.

SPECTRA GRASS CARPET is safe for children, environment and meets international standards. A durable and beautiful solution for your little garden, balcony or even indoor use.

While you have your “ME TIME”, give them some space to play sports, games, jump and mess around on SPECTRA GRASS CARPET.

To gives you an idea of what we have for residential applications, such as some of our recent project pictures are always update in our social media channels like Instagram and Facebook But before you step into the world of SPECTRA GRASS CARPET, it is important to learn the benefits for you.

SPECTRA GRASS CARPET offers a range of high-quality grasses that has been especially designed for landscaping and other private uses. Artificial grass of today looks real!



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