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SPECTRA, Ornaments are a great home accessory, reflecting the personality of your household whilst helping to create a relaxed and homely atmosphere. At SPECTRA we have a wide selection of Maldivian traditional SPECTRA ORNAMENTS, from kitchen to wall plaques and wall hooks, in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit you and your decor.

From the most ancient time Maldivians used wood from different trees to create objects such as vases, kitchen utensils, cutleries, jewellery boxes and various containers which are painted with a traditional hand-drawn local designs known as “Liyelaajehun" (Dhivehi Design)

Find the perfect gift with our touching selection of SPECTRA LOVE and wooden hearts, ideal for showing the special people in your life just how much they truly mean. It is also easy to remind yourself of birthdays and social invitations with our beautiful SPECTRA ORNAMENTS.

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