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In residential, healthcare and hospitality sectors there is a great need for entrance mats in the Maldives. With floor mats, a wide range is available in various materials, designs, textures, and colors. SPECTRA ENTRANCE MATTING SYSTEM come in standard sizes, but according to requirement. We can provide custom designs with your branded logo on it and to the desired size. With different commercial settings, the right mat helps in improving aesthetic appeal. Wear and tear caused by heavy foot traffic can be easily absorbed by an entrance mat and this helps in protecting the interior flooring.

Yes!!! What you are thinking is correct, this is the main reason why most of the government building interior floors get damaged that soon.

Placing an entrance mat helps to wipe off dirt and moisture from the bottom of shoes before it comes in contact with your beautiful interior flooring directly. A good quality entrance mat reduces the efforts required for maintaining the interior flooring.

Popular types of entrance mats in the Maldives are scraper mats, wiper mats, cocoa mats, recessed mats, recessed grills, drainage mats, anti-fatigue mats, and anti-static mats. Before buying a mat it is advisable that a consumer should first identify the set of requirements. The place where it would be used also plays a vital role in deciding the type of mat one should buy. Residential buildings and commercial buildings have their own requirements. Special types of mats are required to be used at places where there are high chances of falling and slipping.

Just having a mat in your lift won’t solve the problem. We have the total solution for your entrance matting system. Hotline +960 793 5898

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